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Slide Scanning Services – Convert Slides to Digital DVD or External Hard Drive




High Quality Slide Scanning Services

We scan 35mm slides or smaller. Resolution is based on 35mm. Smaller slides will need to be cropped to a smaller file size but will retain the same over 4000 dpi resolution. Call for more information about slides that are not 35mm.

We offer two different slide scanning services.

Our Premium Quality Scanning service is our professional grade service which offers scans at over 4000 dpi (5184 x 3456 pixels for 35mm slides).

Your slides’ are in the jpg format and are saved with the maximum quality and lowest compression.

Combine our premium scans with the additional benefit of color correction.  As slides age, the color on them can fade and/ or shift making them more red or blue than they are supposed to be.  Sometimes, slides were just shot too dark, too light; or people used indoor film outside or outdoor film inside resulting in color casts that don’t look natural.  Our color experts “Photoshop” every slide individually to adjust exposure, color, saturation etc. to make each slide look as good as we can, often making them better than the original ever was.

Your slides can be saved to a flash drive (thumb drive) that you can provide or you can purchase one from us.  From there, the files are yours to copy any way you want, as much as you want, with family, friends, or just to have extra backups (which is highly encouraged).  You’ll also be able to upload them to cloud storage with your own account instead of being locked into annual fees for storage.

When shopping around for quality slide scanning, here are a few things you should ask:

Will you clean off loose dust so that the scans don’t have unnecessary dust speckles on them like Legacy Digital will?

Will you scan my slides at 4000 dpi or higher like Legacy Digital will?

Will you individually, manually color correct each slide according to its individual need instead of using an automatic color correction or none at all like Legacy Digital will?

Will you scan my slides so they retain my groups of slides and the order they belong in, putting each group of slides in separate folders labeled with the name of each group like Legacy Digital will?

Will you ensure they are scanned with the correct orientation so that they come out right side up and not horizontally flipped like Legacy Digital will?

Will you scan my slides “in-house” (not send them out to sub-contractors out of the area or out of the country) like Legacy Digital will?

Take advantage of our Current Special now through [su_slide_scanning_expiration_date]. For this limited time pay just [su_slide_scanning_basic_special_price] (for basic scanning) or [su_slide_scanning_3000_special_price] to [su_slide_scanning_999_special_price] (depending on quantity) per slide for premium scanning.

This is our lowest price ever and it won't last long. (Minimum order $50.00 for this price, not including extra storage medium. Please call for pricing for smaller orders)

We use only professional Gold Archival DVD disks for top of the line performance and longevity.

Call us now at (888) 405-2685 for a free estimate or more information.

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